who we are

Founded in 2000 by a group of tech-savvy education professionals, LNET is dedicated to crafting innovative learning technologies and quality digital learning content tailored for our ultra-connected world. The company combines in-depth expertise in education and learning processes with exceptional technological skills. LNET closely cooperates with the Israeli Ministry of Education, working with hundreds of schools, and designing over 50% of all online teachers’ education programs.


An online school platform enabling one-on-one student-teacher sessions anywhere and anytime. It offers middle and high school students a real-life learning experience, with teachers selected for their high quality, and a choice between full and concise sessions. Wyzer offers learning opportunities to anyone, free of geographical and economic constraints and without any special installations. Wyzer’s Motivator module offers adaptive self-learning sessions, adjusting to the needs and abilities of each student, using sophisticated algorithms which continuously analyze the students’ performance. Its gamification approach turns learning into a fun, inspiring experience. Wyzer’s Interactive Content provides a clear, user-friendly multimedia-rich learning experience, enhanced with practice sessions on various levels, adapted for any student or age.


The Learning Management System is an advanced technological platform for remote management of learning processes, display of content and tasks and follow-up on students’ performance. A field proven solution, it enables building courses with full interaction between teachers and students, with feedback, reports and task handling (assigning tasks, performing them online, grading, tracking). The LMS enables using a variety of media to convey the required material in an optimal format based on LNET’s comprehensive technical know-how.

online courses

Courses for both students and teachers based on remote learning, delivered in both synchronous and asynchronous timeframes. LNET creates and produces the content for the entire course, using the LMS system and based on deep expertise in learning processes and education. Our Online Courses are delivered through a virtual classroom with a teacher, students and content, and have served thousands of teacher training sessions and hundreds of thousands of student sessions.


Massive Open Online Courses designed for large numbers of people in self-learning format, using video and tasks, serving both the academia and schools. MOOC includes defining learning objectives, creating the course narrative and producing content, including video, sound, and even a follow up program.